Insure my Alpaca: The New Name for Armitage in-Livestock

Frequently asked questions:

What do we cover?

  • Alpacas and Llamas: Death of the animal; theft (excluding mysterious disappearance) is included as standard
  • Loss of use for stud males
  • Trailer cover
  • Cover for trekking, school visits and more
  • Public Liability of up to £5m
  • Employer’s liability of £10m as standard

Who is this policy for?

Insure My Alpaca ® has been created to cater for Alpaca and Llama owners. As well as offering cover for fatal injury we have specifically designed cover for various activities with your animals such as trekking or visiting schools or other premises where you meet the general public. If you fall outside that description, we can still assist but you’ll need to call us on 01228 406290 and we will chat through your requirements to ensure you have the right cover in place

How/when can I arrange cover?

You can arrange cover 24/7 365 days and instantly delivered to your email address. Our quotes are valid for up to 30 days  

What makes this policy different?

You have the flexibility to add different covers through the year or make changes to the animals insured

What if I fall outside the criteria?

The policy is designed to meet the vast majority of Alpaca owners’ risks, however if you do fall outside of our policy limitations, then simply call us on 01228 406290 during office hours and we can look at getting the right cover in place

Do you provide cover for Livestock?

Yes, the death of an animal, with theft, excluding mysterious disappearance, included as standard. 

What are the territorial limits?

To be eligible for Insure My Alpaca ® you must be situated within United Kingdom, Channel Islands, Isle of Man / including local road transits

Do I need Employers' Liability?

Employers’ Liability (EL) cover protects a business and its owners from any liability claims made by employees who have been injured at work, or suffered from a work related illness/disease. While you might not actually employ staff, but it is still advisable to have EL cover in place for anyone (including friends and relatives) who help out on your land whether paid or not. To make sure you are covered we have included EL cover as standard across all levels of cover, and up to a £10m limit of indemnity

How would I make a claim?

In the first instance, you should contact Peliwica on t: 01423 593335.  Ensure you have your policy details and documentation to hand when you call Peliwica.